I’ am a poet…

A person with extraordinary talent.

I spring words on a page.

I make them fall like rain.

Writing of life.

Giving word to the picture of strife.

Writing of pain.

Making this page my domain.

Writing of joy.

Which to some may annoy.

Writing of love.

The beat of the heart

I try speak of.

My words are like the wind.

Flowing effortlessly

And yet it comes from within.

My words are like snow,

Icy smooth from head to toe.

My words are like water.

Words that flow elegantly,

And never falter.

Rhyming a bit here.

Rhyming a bit there.

Spitting a little knowledge.

About the words,

that need to be acknowledged.

Trying to seek the word called art.

And bring to life

The feelings I impart.

Because hey…

I speak from my heart.

So you ask me why I write?

Because it’s my pen that shines bright,

Like wind it takes flight.

And with it creates life.

Words that hold a little bite.

Words that may have a little insight.

Words with power to ignite.

Because baby…

I‘ am a P.O.E.T,

And to write

Is my god given right!

© Copyright February 7, 2011.  By Terri Johnson.


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